One year of working from home. New future of work?

It has been more than a year since our Isatisans packed up their laptops and started working completely from home when COVID-19 disrupted our “normal” way of life and work.

We thought the adjustment would be hard, and it would affect our productivity and connectedness; we didn’t even know how long the change would last. Since 99% of our work  can be done online, it was not difficult for us to move entirely to a remote work. In order to make working from home as pleasant and effective as possible, we decided to give the let all our employees to take all the necessary equipment from the office to their homes. Thus far, occasional remote work turned into a new everyday life for most Isatisians.

„If you’re new to working from home, understand that it doesn’t just mean change for you. It also means change for your family.“

Children, as well as pets, joined our daily meetings and workshops, we quickly adjusted to working from home and we haven’t seen most of our colleagues in over a year. But not once we felt distant from each other. We still laugh at the same things, complaining about the same things and commiserating about what we’re going through together.

We replaced social gatherings, drinking coffee / tea in our offices with online meetings, conversations and board games, through which we continue to have a good time.

So like it or not, we settled in quickly and turned our living rooms into workspaces.

It is true that we miss our shared moments spent in the office, but we are grateful to have the opportunity to work from home and to continue doing our job at full capacity while being fully safe.