C# fullstack medior developer

What you need to know?

Being a part of the whole process of creating a software is your jam. Together with your teammates, where everyone plays their own role, you do your best to create and maintain the highest quality possible product.

Your role includes critical thinking about recieved requests and participation in creating technical solutions. Educating yourself about current technologies which are used on the project, but also about new ones to help pick new technologies to improve our current system.

Using Microsoft stack (C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript ES6, Entity Framework, Bootstrap) and Visual studio, you develop web applications and webpages that can be monolits or microservices, daily using MSSQL Management studio and SQL and you are familiar with principles of web development and cloud. It is a + if you are familliar with frontend technologies like Vue.js.

Depending on responsibilities, your role may include monitoring of production environment and relases of software.

We expect from you to actively participate in life of the company, speak up, help others and seek help, be present at the meetings and, if needed, communicate with clients. Priorities and time management and ability to work independently are requiered to fullfil your team role.